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Bujinkan Fudō-Myōō Dōjō
Budō Taijutsu & Traditional Japanese Martial Arts in Dubai


Next Class

Our next class will be on Monday, November 18th at 8PM in Al Yash 6 Guest House, Ruwais. WhatsApp Fred if this will be your first class.

Bujinkan Clothing

Although historical ninja were known to wear dark red or dark blue suits (common and visually better for hiding in the night), or even green and yellow ones (to match the bamboo that often grew during fall), the uniform traditionnaly worn by mordern practitionners of all forms of Ninjutsu is a type of black cotton keikogi, fitted loosely to allow freedom of movement.

A felt patch is applied on the lapel, close to the heart, reflecting the practitionner's rank. The Belt or Obi is wrapped around the jacket, and is also indicative of the rank (White for beginners; Yellow for Kyū ranks below 12 years old; Green for male Kyū ranks; Red for female Kyū ranks; and Black for Dan ranks.

The traditional ninja outfit is complemented by Tabi (for indoor use only) or Jika Tabi (for outdoor use only), a split-toed ankle-high boot that improves gripping, wall/rope climbing and silent walking.

Optionally, you can also wear a pair of Tekko, a protective forearm-and-hand sleeve; and/or Kyahan, which fasten the bottom of the trousers to the ankles.

If you are not ready to invest into a proper training uniform when you begin your journey into Bujinkan, you will be expected to wear at minima black sweatpants, black socks, and a black t-shirt when attending classes in our Dōjō.

Weapons in Bujinkan

The Shōmen wall at Hombu Dōjō

Bujinkan makes use of a very wide variety of weapons. In modern Budō Taijutsu, various weapons teach various distances, as variations similar techniques or concepts. Our Black Belt basic program has a section dedicated to teaching weapons: Buki Waza. The shortest distance for a technique is Taijutsu (unarmed). Short distance is taught using Tantō (knife) or Hanbō (short staff). Medium distance is taught using Shotō (short sword), or Bokken. Long distance is taught using (medium staff) or (long staff). The last distance is taught using very long weapons like the Yari (spear) or the Naginata (halberd).

Each of these wooden weapons exist in padded version, that can be used during training for safety reasons. It is recommended to every practitionner to acquire their own weapons and to bring them when the instructor schedules a weapons class.

There are also many other weapons that are not part of the basic program, but are widely used in the nine Ryūha. Here you can find the Jutte (non bladed weapon with a single prong to capture parts of the body), the Nawa (rope), the Kusari-Fundo (weighted chain), the Kusari Gama (sickle with chain), the Kunai (a bladed digging tool), as well various versions of Shuriken (throwing weapons, like the infamous "ninja stars").

Equipment Costs

Annual Dōjō Membership

StudentAED 300   InstructorAED 700

Includes Yearly Hombu Dōjō OR Shidoshikai membership card; Rank Patch and Belt according to your rank, and one Bujinkan Fudō-myōō Dōjō T-Shirt.

Classes Fees

Single Class FeeAED 50   Monthly UnlimitedAED 300

Monthly Unlimited fees are to be paid during the first class attended in the month. Gives you free access to all classes taught at Bujinkan Fudō-myōō Dōjō for that month.

Rank Certificates

KyūAED 150   DanContact Us

     Shidōshi-HoContact Us

Once you have successfully met all the requirements for advancing one rank, we will order the official certificate from Hombu Dōjō (Japan). Only members of Hombu Dōjō in good standing can receive such a certificate; and only certificate delivered by Hombu Dōjō are recognized internationally.


Fudō-myōō Dōjō T-ShirtAED 110   TabiAED 90

Black KeikogiAED 160   Jika TabiAED 180

TekkoAED 140   Tabi SocksAED 40

KyahanAED 170     

Bujinkan Fudō-myōō Dōjō does not sell Uniforms. Click on each item above to be redirected to a recommended supplier for this specific item. Prices in AED are indicative only.


Oak Bokken & ShotōAED 130   Padded KatanaAED 460

Oak TantōAED 40   Padded TantōAED 150

Oak HanbōAED 100   Padded HanbōAED 150

Oak JōAED 120   Padded JōAED 190

Oak BōAED 190   Padded BōAED 210

Oak NaginataAED 400   Plastic SayaAED 100

Rubber Hira Shuriken (x5)AED 70   NawaAED 30

Kusari FundoAED 60     

Bujinkan Fudō-myōō Dōjō does not sell Weapons. Click on each item above to be redirected to a recommended supplier for this specific item. Prices are indicative only.