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Our next class will be on Monday, February 25th at 8PM in Barakah Nuclear Power Plant. Please contact +971 50 105 8370 if this will be your first class.

Shidōshi Fred "Ginkuma" Casagrande

Fred - Ginsei Kuma - Casagrande

Fred founded the Bujinkan Fudō-myōō Dōjō in March 2016 in Jebel Ali Village. He started his journey in martial arts aged 9, training Judō for several years in his hometown. After trying some other disciplines (including Aikido and Karate), he finally discovered Budō Taijutsu in 1996 and started training at the Bujinkan Niten Dōjō of Strasbourg, France. Following expatriations in various places with no local representation, he continued training on his own before joining Bujinkan UAE after moving to Dubai.

A student of Dai Shihan Arnaud Cousergue, Fred trained with Sōke Hatsumi (Japan), Dai Shihan Nagato (Japan), Dai Shihan Noguchi (Japan), Dai Shihan Seno (Japan), Dai Shihan Darren Horvath (Australia), Dai Shihan Marcelo Ferraro (Argentina), Dai Shihan Sandra Elster (Germany), Dai Shihan Didier Chasserot (France), Shihan Shiraishi (Japan), Shihan Furuta (Japan), Shihan Someya (Japan), Shihan Paul Masse (Japan), Shihan Rob Renner (Japan), Shihan Roland Rutyna (France), Shihan Eugenio Penna (Italy) and Shihan Chris Chen (USA).

Shidōshi Fred currently holds his 5th Dan Black Belt in Bujinkan Budo Taijutsu. He teaches on Monday, 8PM to 10PM, at Barakah Nuclear Power Plant.

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