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Our next class will be tomorrow at 8PM in Al Yash 6 Guest House. Please contact +971 50 105 8370 if this will be your first class.



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Bujinkan Fundamentals

443 common Japanese expressions, their Kanji transcription, and their english translation. Most of the terms you need to know to better understand your pracitce of our martial art, are all available in the Bujinkan Vocabulary.

Compiled in 9 modules, 30 pages of Questions & Answers to drive you through your Bujinkan journey from Kyū to Dan.


Ten Chi Jin Ryaku no Maki

The Ten Chi Jin Ryaky no Maki is the condensed form of the scrolls of the nine schools of Bujinkan.

Ten Chi Jin Ryaku no Maki

This is the grammar of our martial arts, and the syllabus that will drive you to reaching your black belt rank.


Kyūsho Chart

The verbatim meaning of Kyūsho is "vital point". Attacking them is disturbing, dazzling or stopping the flow of body-energy.

Kyusho Chart

There are many other points than those on this chart, but these are the most commonly used in the Bujinkan.


Ryūha Denshō

Denshō is a Japanese term meaning "to pass on to the next generation", or "to leave a legacy". Each Ryū had its own Denshō, describing all the techniques of that specific school. Those scrolls were made available to Shidōshi for teaching purposes.

Togakure Ryū Ninpō Taijutsu
Gyokko Ryū Kosshi Jutsu
Shinden Fudō Ryū Daken Taijutsu
Kukishin Ryū Happō Hiken
Koto Ryū Koppō Jutsu
Gyokushin Ryū Ninpō
Kumogakure Ryū Ninpō
Gikan Ryū Koppō Jutsu
Takagi Yōshin Ryū Jū Taijutsu


Hombu Dōjō Order Forms

Shidōshis can order patches and certificates for their students using the below order forms:

Accessories Order Form
Certificates Order Form (Shodan to Yondan)
Certificates Order Form (Godan)
Certificates Order Form (Rokudan to Jugodan)